#186 Sheer Desire

 Chip and Dean are hanging out after a long, hard day at the office. Dean knows how hot and tasty Chip's OTC sheer thick & thin socks get at the end of the day. He removes Chip's hot, tight shoes and then goes to town on his sweaty, smelly socked feet. Chip knows the power of his own feet and totally controls Dean with his sheer clad toes, smearing them into his face and forcing him to sniff them out! Then Damian, also home from a grueling day at work, uses his sock slave's face and mouth to make his tired feet feel good. In an intensely verbal sheer sock domination scene Damian gets off on forcing his slave to sniff and suck his sexy, ribbed sheer nylon socks. 70min, #186

Model: Chip Grant, Damion, Dean Rodny, Eric Masters

Posted: Fri, 27 July 2012