#193 Jock Feet II

 Chris Fox wheels into his room after an intense roller blading session to discover Bobby Lowe eagerly awaiting his sweaty size twelve feet. Chris kicks back and lets Bobby dive onto his tired, sweaty feet, pulling off those blades and savoring the aroma of his powerful socks He then commands Bobby to remove them so he can spread those massive jock feet across his face. Then Beau Lyons relaxes after a work out to let his foot servant (Scott) get busy. Scott peels off those rank sneakers and socks exposing Beau's awesome, athletic bare feet. Wiggling those beefy toes Beau makes Scott smell every inch before allowing him to take it in his mouth. 70min, #193

Model: Chris Fox, Bau Lyons, Bobby Lowe, Scott Neely

Posted: Fri, 14 September 2012