#198 Sheer Thick and Thins II

 The long awaited sequel is finally here, and men into sheer, over-the-calf, thick-and-thin socks are psyched! This one is more intense sheer sock action from beginning to end! Both scenes are set in an office where tired young executives need to get their aching, sweaty socked feet massaged, sniffed, sucked and worshiped. First Sean Henderson makes Antonio service his socks real well. Pulling off Sean's heavy leather shoes Antonio sticks his nose under those toes and savors the powerful aroma of his beautiful socked feet. Then Hero can't wait to feel Jo's mouth and face beneath his feet, giving Jo and the viewer an amazing look at his sheer clad toes. 80min, #198

Model: Sean Henderson, Hero, Antonio Delasandro, Jo E

Posted: Fri, 19 October 2012