#199 Office Feet II

 Sean Henderson and Hero both know how to make good use of the office boy's mouth and foot fetish. After a long day on the job they both like to kick back, put their big, tired feet up on their desks and command their foot slaves to massage, sniff and orally service their sweaty soles. First Sean catches Antonio trying to sneak a whiff of his huge wing tips. Planting his feet up on his desk Sean orders the foot slave to pull off those hot, leather shoes, peel off his sweaty, smelly sheer socks, and tongue bathe his tired bare feet. Antonio eagerly complies, sniffing Sean's foot sweat and sucking out in between his toes. Then Hero uses Jo E's mouth for more of the same, smearing his huge size twelves across Jo's all too willing face! This is definitely a worthy sequel! 80min, #199

Model: Sean Henderson, Hero, Antonio Delasandro, Jo E

Posted: Fri, 26 October 2012