#202 Butt Slave

 Lance Brittain is at it again, nestling his sexy bald head in between beefy butt cheeks and sticking his hungry tongue deep up inside those tight man holes. He picks up Sean Henderson after checking out his sexy ass through his tight jeans. Getting on all fours he peels off that denim and smears his face in Sean's sweaty ass crack. Letting his tongue hang out he laps at Sean's tasty hole, sliding his nose and mouth up and down. Lance gets a real good taste of Sean's funky athletic ass. Next Lance hooks up with Crew Kjell and the asshole worship continues. Crew wastes no time pulling down his jeans and squatting over Lance's face. Lance can't get his tongue far enough up Crew's tight hole as he grinds his face in between those muscular cheeks. Meanwhile Crew's lovin' it, pulling his ass apart and pushing his hole farther onto Lances' tongue. 80min, #202

Model: Sean Henderson, Crew Kjell, Lance Brittain

Posted: Fri, 16 November 2012