#200 Suck Puppy II

Picking up where #1 left off Dean Rodny, cock-sucker extraordinaire, is given the honor of swallowing two more humongous cocks. He has no problem taking these babies to the root and demonstrating, yet again, that when it comes to the art of fellatio, he RULES! First he services Chip Grant after a long day at work. Dean is so hungry for that big sweaty dick he starts swallowing it before Chip can change out of his work clothes. Then super sexy skater punk Josh Tager unfurls his beefy member and slides it down Dean's open throat. Hot guys, big hard dick and Dean's hungry mouth make this a cock sucking classic. 80min, #200

Model: Josh Tager, Chip Grant, Dean Rodny

Posted: Fri, 2 November 2012