#182 Butt Hole Boys

 Two hot young guys get into probing each other's bodies with their mouths and tongues. Furry, gorgeous Auri and equally handsome Jon get heavily oral suckin' face, arm pits, tits and cock. But what they're both really into is butt-hole, and soon they're burrowing between each other's meaty cheeks with their tongues. After bending over the couch for a while they move to the sling so Jon can get his lips and tongue further up Auri's asshole. Then Rocky and Damian get way into each other's assholes after making out in their black, leather MC jackets. They quickly move from sticking their tongues in each other's mouths to up each other's butts. Damian then spreads his hole across Rocky's mouth while deep throating his big dick. After much asshole eating, fingering and cock sucking these two shoot their loads with their butt-holes wet and loose. 70 min, #182

Model: Auri, Damion, Jonathan, Rocky

Posted: Fri, 29 June 2012