#201 Suck and Fuck

 Damion and Ghost Wolf are supposed to be cleaning windows, but as soon as GW gets up on that ladder, and his ass and crotch are at Damion's face level, then fuck the work, these guys go at it. Damion can't restrain himself and starts eating GW's scrumptious ass through his tight, faded jeans. Then he takes GW's beefy cock down his throat and blows him through the rungs of the ladder. Soon they take it inside where GW PLOWS Damion's quivering hole, but only after making him eat out his ass, worship his barefeet and suck his dick some more. These guys are fucking hot, and this video is just what it says it is, plus some heavy rimming and ass worship! 80min, #201

Model: Ghost Wolf, Damion

Posted: Fri, 9 November 2012