#205 Boot Lick II

 In three excellent scenes nasty, sexy fuckers get their bad-assed boots licked and sucked clean. In the first half of the video boot-slave Lance Brittain cruises Sean Henderson and Crew Kjell. He can't take his eyes off their beautiful, well-worn boots. It's not long before his mouth is all over them as well. They put up their boots allowing him to suck that worn leather clean. Then Tripp Doyle totally dominates Clark with his nasty boots and attitude. He steps all over this kid's face, smearing his treads in his mouth and all over his trembling body. Tripp's boots are real well worn and dirty, until they meet Clark's mouth that is. 80 min, #205

Model: Sean Henderson, Crew Kjell, Lance Brittain, Tripp Doyle, Clark Cook

Posted: Fri, 7 December 2012