#178 Dick Hound

 The Dick Hound (Jo E.) is released from his cell by his horse hung master and told that there's a fresh dick in the dungeon. Crawling on all fours DH sniffs out Duke Tyler, securely strung up in the rack, solid muscle with an aching erection in need of a hungry mouth. A millisecond later DH's lips are wrapped around Tylers fat rod, sucking for everything he's worth, starved for that hot load in the face! He then gets to indulge his tight throat with another hot jock dick, gazing up into the stud's incredibly gorgeous face while taking him to the root. This one is uncut with a big, fat, juicy foreskin; DH does a real good job chewing and tonguing it out, sucking it clean. As his reward DH is then allowed the honor of taking his master's monster schlong; stretching his lips to full capacity he can barely fit this fucker in his mouth, but still manages to take it all! 80min, #178

Model: Duke Tyler, Franco Sylvan, Jo E, TonyT

Posted: Thu, 28 September 2023