#317 Cop Socks


 These hard working cops need some serious sock service. Their gold toes get real hot and sweaty in those tight leather boots. Kicking back and getting their socks sucked is all they want at the end of the day! 80min, #317

#296 Tony's Socks


 After a day in sneakers or boots Tony's socks get real ripe. His white sweat socks and red Nike soccor socks need a hot face and eager mouth to give them the service they deserve. 80min, #296

#322 Superior Socks


 Well dressed men get their sheer, over-the-calf socks sniffed and licked by their subordinates. Putting up their feet they assert authority and demand that their big, sweaty socks get the respect they deserve! 80min, #322

#326 Office Socks II


 After getting their hot shoes peeled off sexy bosses enjoy wiping their sweaty socks in subordinates' faces. They know their socks rule and love watching them get sniffed and serviced. 80min, #326

#348 Jock Socks II


 A football jock wipes his sweaty tube socks all over the coachs face. Then two jocks get into heavy sock sniffing as one pushes his socks in the others face. 80min #348

#338 Soccer Socks


 These angry athletes need to take out their frustration after a grueling game in the summer heat. They command the coach to peel off their cleats and breath in the sweaty smell of victory! 80min, #338

#347 Gold Toe III


 Ken needs to take a break from the summer sun, he puts up his size 14 feet so Blue can take care of his sweaty socks. Then a hot moving man kicks back to get his size 12s serviced. 80min, #347

#212 Sheer Sock Studs


 A blond executive is relaxing in his underware and socks, putting his feet up after a long, sweaty day. His buddy enters, starts rubbing those sexy socked feet, and is soon put to work sniffing and licking them. Then a preppy hunk is hanging out with his size 12 loafers up on the couch. His roommate complains and is forced smell the sadistic stud's ripe socks. 70min, #212

#198 Sheer Thick and Thins II


 The long awaited sequel is finally here, and men into sheer, over-the-calf, thick-and-thin socks are psyched! This one is more intense sheer sock action from beginning to end! Both scenes are set in an office where tired young executives need to get their aching, sweaty socked feet massaged, sniffed, sucked and worshiped. First Sean Henderson makes Antonio service his socks real well. Pulling off Sean's heavy leather shoes Antonio sticks his nose under those toes and savors the powerful aroma of his beautiful socked feet. Then Hero can't wait to feel Jo's mouth and face beneath his feet, giving Jo and the viewer an amazing look at his sheer clad toes. 80min, #198

#391 Sock Service


 In three incredibly hot scenes a sock servant is put to work sniffing, licking and sucking on hot men's sweaty socks. He kneels before an aggressive top who uses the guy's face as a sock wipe. Then a handsome young professional kicks back after a long day to get his size 13 socked feet worshiped. Finally two sexy studs gang up on the dude, forcing him to smell their socks before smearing them all over him! 80 MIN #391

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