#5017 Jaxon's Sheer Socks


 Jacob Daily can't wait to pull off Jaxon's shoes and service his sexy sheer socks.  At the end of a long day in jeans and leather dress shoes, Jaxon is eager to get his sheer socked feet serviced.  He lies on the bed allowing Daily to pull off those big shoes and start sniffing and kissing his sheer socks.  Then Daily lies on the floor so Jaxon can stand over him and step in his face.  Ultimately Jaxon sits on the side of the bed with Daily on the floor so he can continue to wipe those sweaty sheer socks in his face and crotch.  53min #5017

#5009 Dom's Sheer Socks HD


 Shot in HD widescreen. Dominic's size 13s look incredibly sexy in his sheer socks. After they've been in his black leather shoes all day he knows his office assistant can't wait to get under his desk and worship those socked feet. After everyone has gone home for the day he gives the guy what he wants, telling him to get under his desk and take off his shoes. His big, masculine feet stretch that sheer nylon to the limits as he wipes them all over his assistants eager face and body! #5009

#5021 Mico's Sweat Socks


 After an intense work out in his sweaty knee high athletic socks, Mico kicks back and puts his feet up to relax.  His roommate can't resist those big, sexy socked feet and with in minutes pulls off Mico's Puma sneakers so he can breath in that masculine gym sock aroma.   Mico likes getting his big, jock feet serviced and lets his roommate take some deep whiffs before wiping them all over the dude's face and body!  57min #5021

#282 Boss Socks


 At the end of the day an authoritative executive puts his huge feet up and commands some sock service. He wipes his 13s all over his subordinate's face, making the guy service five different pairs of sheer nylon thick and thin socks. 80min, #282

#292 Sock Business V


 Jack has to service the socks of the guys at the office. He knows his place and is quick to assume his position, at their manly, commanding feet. They gang up and wipe their smelly socks all over him! 80min, #292

#305 Sock Masters II


 In three more scenes real men get their dark socks worshiped. When these boots come off you can smell that funk right through the screen! Intense sock sniffing, licking and domination follows. 80min, #305

#135 Sheer Socks III


 Continues where the other 2 left off spreading sexy men's sheer clad toes across their sock slave's face. 3 more sock worshipping scenes immediately get under foot & will definitely send guys into dark sheer nylon socks over the edge. 70min, #135

#291 Gold Toe II


 Robert indulges his gold toe sock fetish in another hot scene! Four business men gang up and use him as their foot rest. They kick off their shoes, smearing their sweaty gold toes all over his eager face! 80min, #291

#287 Boss Socks II


 At the end of a long day the boss calls on his assistant for some after hours sock service. He puts his shoes up on the desk and feeds his buddy his vast collection of sweaty nylon OTC dress socks. 80min, #287

#136 Sweat Socks II


 More guys kick back to get their shapely, masculine feet serviced through their ripe sweat socks. With lots of up close sniffing, chewing & sucking it's a must for anyone with a thing for white sweat socks. Both of these videos live up to, and perhaps even surpass, the originals... 70min, #136

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