#308 Cock Masters II


 Hung leather men act real arrogant when they get their balls and cocks sucked. These dude like to dish out lots of verbal abuse while they fuck throat through their leather chaps and raunchy jocks. 80min, #308

#369 Cock Hungry II


 Two horny studs hook up after cruising each others bulging crotches. They move inside for some long, wet cock sucking, taking turns going down on each other. Then two sexy young dudes get home after work and go at it, eagerly deep throating each other�s big, hard cocks. 80 MIN #369

#367 Cock Service II


 Two horny studs need to get their big cocks orally serviced. Their teased until they’re hard and dripping, then pull out their big dicks and plunge them into hungry throats. 80 MIN #367

#361 Suck Cock II


Manly men kick back for some hard cock service. First a verbal leather man like to tease his cock slave with his big dick. Then a cocky business man deep fucks his buddy’s mouth and throat. 80 MIN #361

#324 Dapper Dick


 Well dressed men peel off their formal attire to enjoy some serious cock service. Pulling out their hard dicks they feed them to hungry cock suckers who are eager to please. 80min, #324

#329 Cock Work


 At the end of a long day nothing feels better then a deep, slow blow-job. Men in positions of power take advantage of the perks, sliding their long, hard cocks down hungry throats! 80min, #329

#330 Suck Buddies


 Antler lives to suck big dick and his hot straight buddies dig feeding him their hard cocks. These dude's love the way his deep throat feels, it makes their thick dicks throb! Hot foreskin service will make those into uncut dick drool. 80min, #330

#281 Blow Job IX


 Features the best cock sucking footage from KINK Video's BUTT-HOLE COMMANDOES KV236, BUTT MUSCLE KV253, SHEER PASSION KV258. BIG DICK KV266, SUCK&RIM KV270, OFFICE ASS KV277 and SUCK FEST KV276. 80min, #281

#284 Cock Masters


 Two muscular masters work over their cock starved slave. They turn each other on deep fucking his throat, and then squirt big loads of cum all over his face. 80min, #284

#393 Suck Cock III


If you like big, hard uncut dick then this one's for you! A handsome, hung stud fucks his buddy's mouth for a good long time before squirting a creamy load in the dude's face. Then two studs gang up on a hungry cock sucker, deep feeding the dude their uncut cocks. They get real hard in his mouth, then squirt their loads deep down his throat! 80min #393

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