#5046 Rusty's Bare Feet


Rusty loves having his size 13 bare feet serviced at the end of a long day at the office.  He puts his massive shoes up on the ottoman and commands his foot slave to take them off.  His slave can not resist and is eager to sniff, lick and service his master's masculine bare feet!  69min #5046

#5047 Foreman's Dirty Feet


After a long day on a construction site, this sweaty foreman comes home to show off how dirty his bare feet get on the job.  They are filthy after wearing those funky old boots all day with out socks.   He kicks back and puts his feet up so that his slave can pull off his boots and clean up his manly dogs.  He's cocky, dominant and verbal, bossing his slave to lick the dirt and sweat off of his sexy bare feet!  60min #5047

#5033 Tony's Feet II


 Tony's office foot slave can't wait until the end of the day, when everyone has left and he and Tony are there alone.  He knows that his place is under the desk, at Tony's massive feet.  He pulls off those sweaty, leather shoes and enjoys the aroma wafting up from Tony's dark dress socks.  Then he peels them off and gets to work on his foot master's masculine bare feet.  After sniffing and licking the tops and bottoms, he crawls out from under the desk to kneel before his lord and get used as a foot wipe.  68min #5033

#5028 Cody's Bare Feet


 After a day barefoot in his Nike High-tops, Cody's sexy feet get real sweaty and stinky.  He makes his foot slave pull those Nikes off of his feet and service his sweaty feet.  Seeing his beautiful feet in the slave's face makes him verbal and dominant.  He sits back lets his slave kiss, sniff and lick them clean.  Then he makes him lie on the floor so he can wile them all over his face and body.  71min #5028

#5041 Sergeant's Feet


 This sexy military man is on his feet for hours.  After a long hot day marching in his steamy boots what he really wants is an eager foot servant to pull off those boots and sweaty socks and pamper his big, masculine bare feet.  Thankfully he has an eager subordinate who will do anything to please his commander.  He puts his boots up and commands the dude to take them off and service his bare feet.  The guy gets right to work, licking his tired feet, sucking his thick toes and smearing those meaty soles all over his face.  This pleases the sergeant, so he allows his loyal foot boy to lie on the floor under his size 12s, where he belongs.  79min #5041

#5010 Dom's Foot Slave


 Dominic's lucky office assistant knows that at the end of the work day it's his responsibility to service his boss' big tired feet.  After everyone else has gone home he crawls under Dom's desk, pulls off his sexy leather shoes, peels off those sweaty work socks and gets down on those size 13s.  Dom loves being worshipped and really gets into demanding his foot boy smell and lick his huge bare feet.  He puts them up on the desk so he can watch the dude get into them, then makes him lie on the floor while he smears them all over his eager face, body and crotch.  58min #5010

#5012 Foot Dudes


 After a long day of hiking around the city these young dudes are psyched to get home, peel off their sweaty sneakers, and get down on each other's bare feet!  They take turns sniffing and licking each other's feet, sucking on toes and wiping their bare feet in each other's faces.  They also take turns lying on the floor and stepping in each other's faces.  Ultimately they end up on the bed for some sexy mutual foot service.  59min #5012

#5022 Mico's Bare Feet


 While relaxing after his workout Mico lets his roommate pull off his sweaty Pumas and knee high athletic socks so he can get his big, bare feet pampered and worshipped. He kicks back on the bed so his buddy can smell and lick his feet, then he smears them in the dude's face. He indulges the dude by allowing him to experience his beautiful bare feet in a few different positions before making him lie on the floor so he can smear those big feet in his face and crotch! 55min #5022

#5005 Michael's Barefeet


Michael is naturally dominant, and likes pushing his weight around.  While he's still dressed in is office attire he demands his foot slave to peel off his sweaty dress socks and get to work servicing his big bare feet.  He gets off on telling the slave to smell and lick his feet, while wiping them all over his face.  He steps all over the slaves head and face before making him lie on the ground so he can walk all over him!  57min #5005


#5002 Marco's Feet HD


 HD Marco shows off his hot blue and black Osiris skater high-tops and sweaty ankle socks before going inside to get his bare feet serviced.  He's already changed into his Timberland boots before letting his foot slave pull them off, only to discover he's wearing those boots with out socks!  The combination of that foot sweat and boot leather sends his slave into ecstasy, he sniffs and sucks each toe before sucking Marco's sexy bare feet clean!  35min #5002

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