#389 Punished II


 Zac's pretty pissed off and realizes he needs to take things up a notch, so he splays his naughty boys out against the wall and continues to spank the hell out of their already sore asses. But the next wave of punishment begins when he whips out his wooden spoon and flogger. When the boys can't take any more abuse, they over power Zac and treat him to a taste of his own medicine. 80 MIN #389

#388 Punished


 Sexy Zac Feral catches his two boy toys fooling around and decides to teach them a lesson. He demands that they bear their butts so he can give them the spanking they deserve. Then he works them over individually, relentlessly whaling on their bright red behinds. Finally they rebel, and subject Zac himself him to some serious ass whipping revenge! 80 MIN #388

#189 Torture Clinic


 (A CHELSEA STAR PRODUCTION) Welcome to Dr Sea's Torture Clinic where unsuspecting victims are subjected to a barrage of sadistic medical experiments. It begins with the doctor himself, strung up in an elaborate rope harness, being tickle tortured by his wicked trannie nurse. Soon he's set free to unleash his reign of domination and pain. This video is packed with action including bondage, torture, shaving, foot worship, boot worship, tickle torture, forced head shaving, intense cock and ball torture, cross-dressing, heavy flogging, spanking, tit-work, wrestling, cigars, verbal abuse and more. With a distinctly medical flavor most of the action takes place with in the sanitary white walls of the Torture Clinic. 70min, #189

#190 Bust My Balls


 Two buffed studs bust each other's nuts in a mind-blowing cock and ball torture scene. It begins with stud #1 hooded in a black leather mask, jerking off and yanking his bound balls. He's joined by stud #2 who wastes no time taking those vulnerable nuts way beyond the limit! With plenty of CBT apparatus to select from they embark on a ball busting adventure that includes shaving, clothes pins, ball punching, slapping, pulling, yanking, bondage, extreme weight, ping-pong paddles and a hammer. OUCH! 70min, #190

#167 Punishment


 Flogging, paddling and spanking, cock and ball torture, bondage, leather, latex, clothes pins and lots of screaming; two hot, bad boys are taken to their limits as Angel, the punisher, ties them up and teaches them how to take his pain. The first scene stars Keer, who's firmly shackled to Angel's bondage post and flogged until he cries like a baby, only to get his cock and balls tied and adorned with weights and clothespins. After this he sucks Angel's huge dick while jerking on his own fat rod. Then Ziplock is tied to his post, where he is subjected to more of Angel's sadistic whims. 60min, #167

#191 Make It Hurt


 Cougar Cash unleashes his sadistic side inflicting some pain onto bound leather stud Beau Lyons. Beau is blind folded and his beefy bod securely tied to a chair. Cougar discovers him and starts slapping him around, finger fucking his mouth, tying his tongue, working the hell out of his tits and flogging him. Beau squirms like a trapped animal, but really starts screaming when Cougar ties him spread eagle, punches and kicks his quivering crotch, tortures him with hot wax, strings up his nuts and flogs him some more! When Beau can't take any more pain, Cougar sits on his face and makes him eat his asshole, then fucks his throat. After getting his new master off, Beau's right hand is freed so he can jerk his own huge dick and shoot a righteous load! 80min, #191

#315 Ball Buster


 Tony kicks the hell out of this dude's nuts using his sneakers and boots. He forces the guy to serve up his crotch and take his powerful kicks before he fucks him. Very intense testicle & crotch kicking for those into extreme ball abuse! 60min, #315

#166 Beyond Bondage


 Two hot leather dudes transcend time and space in KINK's latest bondage and torture saga BEYOND BONDAGE. Playing in their well stocked dungeon Spitball takes Ziplock to new heights, working him over in the stocks, the rack and the confinement coffin, ultimately leading to full body rapping with cellophane and duct tape. It's a confinement classic which includes boot worship, cock and ball torture, cigars and hot ash abuse, spit, hot wax, tit torture, mummification and a trip through Ziplock's twisted mind. 80 min, #166

#232 Sizzlean


 A C.H.P.officer (Clovis Mote) busts Chuck (Gerald Paoli), a skinhead punkboy. Instead of arresting the miscreant, the copdaddy decides to take the law into his own hands and teach the little punk a lesson he'll never forget! "...a virtual catalog of fetishes relating to uniforms, handcuffs, forced servitude, verbal abuse, bootlicking, cigar smoking, nightstick abuse, over the knee spanking, foot servicing and more!" - Andy Mangels (In Uniform Magazine). 45Min, #232

#156 Discipline Delivery


 After being securely shackled and ball gagged, a delinquent delivery boy is disciplined with cock and ball torture, hot wax, hot ash, spanking, verbal humiliation and more. He's then strapped to a giant wheel, flipped upside down and treated to more hot wax, more cock and ball abuse, clothes pins and fire. Ultimately, after proving that he is worthy, he is allowed to help his new masters break in a new slave. 70 min, #156

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