#5011 Sniff My Socks


 Cade and Travis can't wait to get home and sniff each other's sweaty sports socks after a day walking around in jeans and sneakers.   Cade makes Travis to pull off his sneakers so he can take a big whiff off of his ripe socks.  He holds them up to Travis' face and curls his toes over his nose forcing him to breath in that masculine aroma.  After wiping them all over his face and mouth, Cade pulls off Travis' sneakers and gets into sniffing his smelly socks.  He takes a good long time thoroughly sniffing and licking those socked feet before they lie down and get into a mutual sock sniffing scene.   57min #5011

#5003 Michael's Shoes


 Michael really gets into showing his shoe slave who's the boss.  He thoroughly enjoys dominating his slave, forcing him to kiss and lick his sexy shoes while verbally abusing him and commanding shoe service.  Then he stands up so he can wipe his shoe soles all over the slave's mouth and head, and really show off his sadistic side!  65min #5003

#5008 Dom's Dress Socks


 At the end of the work day, when every one else has gone home, Dominic's office assistant knows what to do.  He gets on his knees, crawls under Dom's desk, pulls off those big leather shoes and gets to work servicing those sweaty work socks.  Dom loves having this control over his sock slave, and commands him to smell and lick his socks while he kicks back and enjoys the service.  He wipes them all over the guy's face and crotch, then makes him lie on the floor so he can use him as a foot rest and lord over him with those big, socked feet.  56min #5008

#5043 Rusty's Shoes


 Rusty looks real good in his business suit, and loves putting his size 13 leather shoes up at the end of the day.  All he has to do is snap and point and his obedient shoe slave drops to his knees and assumes his place at his master's big feet.  He gives every inch of that sexy shoe leather a tongue cleaning, eagerly licking Rusty's dress shoes until they shine like new!  55min #5043

#5023 Mico Gets Rimmed


 Mico's muscular ass looks irresistible in his tight red gym shorts, and his roommate can't control the urge to get on his knees and start biting it!  He slowly pulls those shorts down revealing Mico's beautiful butt, then buries his face between those cheeks and starts eating out that tight hole.  After bending over the bed and getting his ass rimmed, Mico sits on the dude's face and gyrates around for some more deep ass tonguing.  Ultimately he gets on all fours so he can serve up that furry hole and get the intense ass eating he deserves!  55min #5023

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