#5031 Tony's Dress Socks


Tony's over the calf, gold toe dress socks get real sweaty after a long day in his leather shoes.  He knows his new assistant is into socks, so when they're alone in the office he makes the guy pull off those shoes and get to work on his huge feet.  The dude is in ecstasy smelling the day's sweat pouring off of Tony's socks, and feeling that submissive mouth on his feet really brings out Tony's dominant side.  After getting his socks sniffed and sucked, Tony makes the guy lie on the floor so he can rest those massive socked feet on his face and quivering body.  65min #5031

#5039 Army Socks


After a long day marching in heavy boots, this soldier's well worn socks are ripe.  He commands his subordinate to pull off his boots so he can smear those raunchy, thread bare socks in the dude's face, forcing him to breath in that masculine aroma.  His sock servant is intoxicated by the smell and is forced to submit to those manly socks.   The soldier kicks back with his loyal sock boy at his big feet, and enjoys watching the dude sniff, lick and chew on those seriously beat up army socks.   76min #5039

#5046 Rusty's Bare Feet


Rusty loves having his size 13 bare feet serviced at the end of a long day at the office.  He puts his massive shoes up on the ottoman and commands his foot slave to take them off.  His slave can not resist and is eager to sniff, lick and service his master's masculine bare feet!  69min #5046

#5047 Foreman's Dirty Feet


After a long day on a construction site, this sweaty foreman comes home to show off how dirty his bare feet get on the job.  They are filthy after wearing those funky old boots all day with out socks.   He kicks back and puts his feet up so that his slave can pull off his boots and clean up his manly dogs.  He's cocky, dominant and verbal, bossing his slave to lick the dirt and sweat off of his sexy bare feet!  60min #5047

#5027 Cody's Socks II


Cody's white cotton sweat socks get real nasty after a day in his Nike High-tops.  He commands his slave to pull off those Nikes and service his sweaty socks.  He kicks back for sock service and verbally abuses his slave while smearing those socks all over his face and body.  He stands up and makes the slave kneel at his socked feet, kissing and sniffing them while he lords over him.  Then he makes the slave lie on the floor so he can use his face and body as a door mat.  65min #5027

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